Please read carefully the below terms and conditions  before completing your booking as it provides you with detailed requirements to book a vehicle rental in Lebanon subject to City Car Rent A Car terms and conditions. Moreover,
 you need to carefully read the rental agreement and all its related supplements provided to you at the time of pick-up.
 You must agree and sign where required on our rental agreement and all related supplements.
 A booking is not a rental agreement; a booking conclusion is subject to rental agreement.
  In order to rent a vehicle, there are some pre-requisite documents that you need to have. These documents are:
  In case you have made your booking online through our website or through our partners /brokers, you need to present the voucher or the confirmation booking number you received after you successfully made your booking.
    •  Lebanese drivers: a valid driving license is required which should be issued more than two years ago.
    •  Other Nationality drivers: an International driving license is required. 
    • Driver Age Restriction: The minimum age for a renter must be 23 years old and in possession of a valid driving license for at least 2 years.However, Drivers between 21 & 22 years old may rent with a surcharge of 22 USD per rental, on condition that this driver is a holder of minimum two years valid driving license.
    • Extra driver: Adding an extra driver on the contract is available for an additional cost of 11 USD per day, providing that the booking must be in the principal driver’s name and he must be present upon vehicle collection. Every driver must present his passport, valid driving license, and his own credit card for deposit (Original documents).
  Above certain age or special cases, renters must provide additional documents to show that they are fit and able to drive, a surcharge might be applicable.
  Certain luxury vehicles categories will only be made available for drivers of 25 years and above.
  NB: The driving license is neither a proof of identity nor a proof of address.
    • Lebanese nationals:  A valid original ID card or a valid passport is required.
    • Foreign visitors: A valid original passport that shows the entrance stamp of the Lebanese authorities at the point of entrance.
  The photo on the ID must be clear, recent and valid. The person hiring the vehicle must also give in detail his address while in Lebanon as well as his local & international phone numbers.
  In order to complete the rental conditions the renter should have a valid credit Card (Master Card, Visa Card or AMEX) which City Car Rent A Car will use for pre-authorization (hold)
  for the security deposit. This credit card should be in the renter’s name and has enough credit to cover the pre- authorization deposit amount.The credit card should have a minimum of six months validity.
  NB: If you do not hold any credit card, we reserve our right to deny you the rental.
: holds an amount of money (Check the insurance clause down for amount per category) on your Credit Card  account “as security deposit”, once it happens, you won’t be able to use that money for any other purchases until the blocked amount is automatically cancelled/released  after 30 days from the PRE-Authorization date.
 This Pre-Authorization security deposit amount is on hold to cover any optional extras, plus fuel and any traffic violations you may incur; also it is used as Insurance Deductible in case of accidents.
 This amount varies based on vehicle categories.
 Please also be aware that City Car Rent A Car reserves the right to deduct an amount to cover any vehicle repair or traffic fines that need to be determined later, traffic fines posting can take up to six months (and more  in certain instances)  by Lebanese traffic department authorities.
 For luxury vehicles and SUVs, you must bring two different cards in the name of the person who made the booking and will be the main driver.

  Fast Track: To save time at the collection counter you can send us by email a clear scanned copy of your passport, driving license and credit card so your data will be pre-entered into
  the system.   However the originals must be present at the time of collection of your vehicle, failure to present these originals will cause us to deny you the vehicle.

        3. RENTAL PRICE
  There are many factors that determine your vehicle quote base rental price such as:
  • Length of booking
  • Dates and times of the rental start and end.
  • Pickup location. (Some locations might have a collection and drop -off fees).                                              
  • Vehicle type and category.
  • High season/low season bookings.
  High and low seasons are specified as follow:      
  • High Season: Summer, Fitr Holiday, Adha Holiday, Christmas, New Year, Easter and special events.
  • Low Season: All year long excluding summer and above holidays and special events.  
VAT (Value Added Tax) currently 11% is included in all rates.

Please also note that the rental price does not include the following:
  • Fuel: Vehicles must be returned with the same fuel level once taken. However if City Car Rent A Car will refuel the vehicle, an additional amount of 10%+Vat of the fuel cost will be charged as service fee.
  • The rental extension is available on condition that the client must contact City Car Rent A Car in order to check availability and approval.
  • Traffic Fines: In case City Car Rent A Car will pay any traffic fines, an additional amount of 17.50 USD will be charged as service fee.  Traffic fines sometimes take more than six months to be notified to City Car Rent A Car, therefore, clients should be aware that they must keep a copy of their credit card at City Car Rent A Car (other than the deposit copy) in order to settle any traffic fine that occurred during rental. This procedure will include providing the proper supporting documents and notifying (if possible) the client before charging any amount on their credit card. Moreover the park meter fine service fee is 5.55 USD in addition to the original cost within the legal time period from park meter ticket date, in case the date is overdue, additional charges will be added. (An addendum form to the contract is to be signed upon collecting the vehicle.)
  • Lawyer fee:  in case a Lawyer is required to process the traffic fine settlement, lawyer fees will apply.
  • Lost or damaged items in the vehicle or attached to the vehicle are not covered by insurance and will be the driver direct responsibility. (For example, but not limited to: roof rack, Antenna, Mirrors, Tires, vehicle key, vehicle documents, the triangle sign and fire extinguisher, hubcap etc.)
  • The client agrees that the cost of any damaged or missing item not covered by the insurance policy will be determined by City Car Rent A Car only
  • Lost or forgotten items in the vehicle are not the company’s responsibility.
  • The deductible amount in case of an accident.
  • The deductible amount in case of total loss or theft.
  • Airport pick-up and/ or drop-off charge 17 USD/ Rental (currently free of charge).
  • Damage repair cost due to accidents not covered by the insurance company (Natural Disasters, illegal driving, traffic violation, drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, lack of expert report, riots, revolutions, protest…etc.)
  • Damages or breakdowns caused by negligence or misuse are not covered by the insurance policy and will be the driver responsibility.
  • Blown or deflated tires and vehicle’s interior degradation are the driver’s responsibility and are not covered by the insurance policy. The renter will bear the repair, replacement and fixing cost.
  • Prepaid fuel (full fuel tank) can be bought upon vehicle pick-up.
          4. INSURANCE – ACCIDENT /DAMAGE (Deductible)
  All our vehicles are fully insured (with deductible in case of accident) there are some exclusions that are not covered by insurance.
  These instances are:
  • War, invasion and natural disasters, riots, revolutions...
  • Out of Lebanon cross border driving is not permitted. Insurance only covers our vehicles within the Lebanese Territories. It is forbidden to drive the rental vehicle outside of the Lebanese borders.
  • Accidents during traffic violation; the client will bear full responsibility for the accident.
  • Airbag deployment during accidents. Insurance doesn’t cover the excess amount of 277.50 USD for each airbag deployed in case of accident.
  • All risk insurance coverage with a deductible damage per accident (CDW) up to the amounts mentioned in the below table according to the vehicle category.
  • This Insurance deposit for each vehicle must be done by International credit card only (Visa - Master)   , (debit cards are not accepted as deposit).
Cat. Description  Deductible in case of Accident 
 A1-A2-A3-B1-B2-B3-B4-I1-S 555 USD
 C1-C2-C3-D-E1-E2-I2-I5-J1-J2-J3-T 888 USD
 F1-F2-F3-G1-G2-I3-K-L1-L2-L3-L4-M-Q-R  1665 USD
 I4-I6-H1-H2-M1-N-O-P1-P2 5550 USD
  • The deductible will be charged for each accident separately even if more than one accident occurs during the same period.
  • All accidents / damages must be covered by immediate expert report (a list of experts is attached to the rental agreement) .If no expert report is received by City Car Rent A Car  all charges incurred by City Car Rent A Car to fix the damages will be paid by the customer.
  •  Towing fees are available for free on condition that it does not exceed 40km, in the case of excess a charge of 2.5 USD extra km will be applied.
  • In case needed, crane truck to put the vehicle on the towing truck is not included in the insurance and its cost will be the client liability.
  • The deductible in case of total loss or theft of the vehicle is 15% from the vehicle value mentioned on the insurance policy.
  • The client agrees that the damage estimate is done only by City Car Rent A Car and client have to approve costs incurred by this estimate.
  • The client expressly acknowledge that the amounts mentioned above, either in case of accidents, theft or total loss are clearly the client's responsibility whether the accident liability is not the client fault or in case of client's full or partial liability. This acknowledgment by the client is final without further warnings, or judicial review. Upon the client signature on the rental agreement, all these amounts will be due on the client without any alteration or objection since the deductible amount either in case of accident, total loss or theft include the discount provided by the insurance company, the vehicle depreciation value, the immobilization of the vehicle, and the wasted registration fees and insurance policy cost.
  We accept debit/ credit cards (VISA, MASTER and AMEX) or cash for invoice settlement; we do not accept traveler checks as a mean of payment. The currencies that we accept at our counter are only Lebanese pound or US dollars. Names must match on all paperwork (Passport/ID, Driving license, Credit Cards).
  While reserving a vehicle you are booking from a vehicle category and not a specific vehicle brand or model. However city car Rent A Car will give you the option to book a specific vehicle within
  the category for an additional daily surcharge per category, these amounts are (subject to availability):
 Surcharge   Categories  Surcharge  Categories
3 USD A1,A2,A3 11 USD Q
5 USD B1,B2,B3,B4 12 USD F1, F2,K, L1, L2, L3, L4
6 USD C1,C2 15 USD F3, G1, G2
8 USD C3,D,I1,I2 20 USD M,M1, N, O, R
9 USD J1,J2,J3 25 USD I3, I4, P1
10 USD E1,E2 50 USD P2, H1, H2
  •  Minimum duration for any rental is 24hrs, each excess of this period will be automatically charged as a full day.
  •  Unlimited mileage for 3 days rental and above. Special conditions for long term rental periods apply.
  •  A limited mileage of 150km per day applies on 1 or 2 days rental, extra KM is charged  according to the below rates:
    • 0.49 USD: Category A1-A2-A3- B1-B2- B3-B4-I1-S.
    • 0.74 USD: Category C1-C2-C3-D-E1-E2-I2-I5-J1-J2-J3-T.
    • 1.48 USD: Category F1-F2-F3-G1-G2-I3-K-L1-L2-L3-L4-M-Q-R.
    • 1.98 USD: Category H1-H2-M1-N-O-P1-P2-I4-I6.
   For chauffeur driven service, the rental period is calculated every day (10 continuous hours) and not every 24 hours.
  • Reserved period will be charged in full even if the client drops off the vehicle before the end of the rental period.
  • Full Payment must be made in advance; an extended period must be paid in advance (payment are not refundable).
  • VAT (Value Added Tax) of 11% to be added on every extra charge that may occur during the rental (Accidents, Fuel, traffic fines etc….), extra charges to be paid locally by the client.
  • City car Rent A Car has the right to refuse, at its discretion, to rent you or anyone in your group if he behaves in an unacceptable manner (examples of abusive and threatening language used, or renting under the influence of alcohol, etc…) towards City Car Rent A Car staff or customers. Providing inaccurate info is a clear breach of contract and can be a reason to refuse rental to any customer giving such information.
  • City Car Rent A Car has the right to reject a booking if the client is known to be a bad user (Accident maker, Bad driving attitude, deposit issues …etc.).
  • The company has the right not to replace the vehicle in certain cases (for example but not limited to: the client made several accidents in the rental, the accident occurred is not covered by the insurance company, the accident occurred due to reckless driving…etc)
  • Smoking is prohibited in all the vehicles. In case cigarette ashes or fumes exist at vehicle drop-off:
 111 USD will be charged for categories: A1-A2-A3- B1-B2- B3-B4-C1- C2-C3-D- I1-I2- J1-J2.
 166.5 USD will be charged for categories: E1-E2-J3-F1- F2-F3- G1-G2 -H1- H2-I3- I4-I5-I6- K - L1-L2-L3-L4-M-M1-N-O- P -Q- R.
  NB: the extras above don’t include the cost of cigarette vehicle interior’s burns.
  • All vehicle rentals are subject to the full terms and conditions printed on City Car Rent A Car rental agreement and its supplements.
  If there are no vehicles available in the group you booked, City Car Rent A Car has the right to upgrade one upper category according to the alphabetical order at no extra cost, and only the insurance will be higher as per the standard for the new vehicle group.
  However, once City Car Rent A Car finds you a vehicle of the category you booked, you have to either come to a City Car Rent A Car location to exchange the vehicle or specify a location where our team can come to you to do the exchange free of charge. Any delay from your     side to do the exchange will result charging you the difference of the vehicle category price.
  If you booked any optional extras, City Car Rent A Car will endeavor to provide these, in case of non-availability, we will refund the difference paid for these.
  In rare and exceptional cases when the customer reach the collection counter and  his vehicle is not available , City Car Rent A Car will transfer the customer to his house/ hotel free of charge and later will deliver the vehicle at the customer destination also free of charge.
You may change your booking any time before the due day of picking-up the vehicle  by calling reservations or managing your booking online (if available). You need to allow a minimum of 24 to 48 hours     before the pick-up time of your vehicle.
  All changes will be subject to availability and may result in price change.
  GPS tracking: vehicles might be equipped with GPS tracking system which monitors the vehicles status and be aware that the vehicle engine will shut down while entering the restricted zone near the Lebanese border.

  By making a booking, you consent and expressly agree to allow us using and transferring your personal information for as long as it is in a legal manner.

  We will use your info for:
  1. Reservation data
  2. Carry out identity, security, driving license and credit checks
  We will not use your info for:
  1. Sharing with third parties for any unrelated matter other than vehicle rental
  2. Marketing purposes
  We will share your information with:
  1. Our vehicle rental software automation providers, we will share only to the extent necessary to process your booking through the counter automation and reservation system
  2. Enforcement authorities, such as the police, driving department  authorities and different security organisms as per applicable Lebanese laws in force, to  detect and prevent crime
  3. Third parties to allow credit checks to detect and prevent financial crimes and money laundering
  4. Our staff working on collections and customer service to serve you better
  We respect your privacy and we endeavor ensure to keep your data safe, secure and confidential at all times.

      10.  LIABILITIES
  City Car Rent A Car cannot and will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect loss or liability you incur due to reasons beyond our control. We will endeavor to provide you the service in a timely manner, any reasons beyond our control are subject to your own discretion and judgment, we cannot be held responsible for that.

  • In Beirut Area:
  Collection and delivery at our main office during working hours is free.
  •  At Airport:        
  24Hrs/7Days operating desk at the arrival lounge for vehicle pick-up and drop-off with a charge of 17 USD/rental (currently free of charge).
  To avoid pick-up delays, we deliver the vehicle at the Airport vehicle parking lot.
  • Vehicle Delivery:             
  • For vehicle delivery outside City Car Rent A Car premises:
    • 11 USD/way will be charged for delivery inside Beirut during working hours.
    • 39 USD/way will be charged for delivery outside Beirut during working hours.
    • 25 USD/way will be charged for delivery inside Beirut in Sundays and Holidays.
    • 55 USD/way will be charged for delivery outside Beirut in Sundays and Holidays.
    • 75 USD/way will be charged for delivery in North, South & Bekaa
  •  Delivery and Collection must be approved before 11:00AM and at least before 12 hours before pick-up time via WhatsApp , Email or SMS on the following addresses : Citycar@citycar.com.lb 00961 3 888 782 or 00961 71 316 111 or 00961 3 629 900.
  • Fuel level upon departure from either main office or airport branch will be the considered level upon delivery of the vehicle to the client (inside or outside Beirut Area).
    Fuel expenses for delivery of the vehicle will be the client responsibility. The fuel amount upon departure from City Car Rent a Car premises will be the amount considered and mentioned on
    the client’s contract.
  • These services are available upon availability.

  • During City Car Rent A Car head office operating hours, must be done via:
    • Emails:           reservations@citycar.com.lb  or   citycar@citycar.com.lb
    • Telephone:                  +961 1 780 000/ 803 308
    • Mobile:                        +961 3 888 782/ 71 316 111
    • Fax:                             +961 1 868 567
    • website:          www.citycar.com.lb
  • During City Car Rent A Car head office closure hours Reservations/ Urgent and last minute bookings must be done via:
    • Emails:                         airport@citycar.com.lb and CC to  citycar@citycar.com.lb
    • Telephone :                  +961 1 629 900
    • Mobile :                       +961 3 629 900
    • Fax:                             +961 1 629 799             
  NB: Last Minute Bookings are only valid during low season period or upon availability.
  • City Car Rent A Car also provides similar vehicles not mentioned on the brochure /website.
  • City Car Rent A Car has the right to approve or decline any amendments (Duration, Category, Pick-up & Drop-off dates etc…)
  • Uniformed multilingual driver available for 33.30 USD/day (Driver works 10 continuous hours/day with maximum 2 hours extra, cost 5 USD per hour).
  • Immediate vehicle replacement in case of accident or breakdown.
  •  24hrs emergency road services: 009613-316111, 009613-629900, 009611-629900
  •  24hrs services in our office in Beirut International Airport: 09611-629900 / 09613-629900
  • Special Reduced rate for long term rental agreement.
  • Special Discounted rates for conferences & delegations.
  • Limousine Services.
  • Buses are available upon request (from 9 PAX to 50 PAX).
  • Multilingual Tourist Guide available upon request with daily fee starting 250 USD per day (English, French, Spanish….etc.).
  • Baby, child and infant seats are available for 11 USD per day (age must be specified).
  • GPS is available for 15 USD/day.
  • Mobile WIFI Router available for 25 USD per day with maximum usage of 0.67GB per day.
  • Snow chains available for 11 USD per day.
  • Exterior vehicle wash cost is 13 USD and subject to increase depending on the vehicle status at drop-off.
  • Interior vehicle wash cost is 100 USD(regular car wash) and subject to increase depending on the vehicle status at drop-off.
  • All rates are subject to change without prior notice.

      13. OUR ADDRESS
  Head Office: Ras Beirut, Lebanon, Khaled Chehab  St, Al Oraifi Bldg., GR floor.
  Tel: +961 1 780 000 – 803 308 Fax: +961 1 868 567 Mobile: +961 3 316 111(24 hrs. /7Days)
  Email: citycar@citycar.com.lb

  7 Days/week services during the following operating hours:
 Head Office Operating Hours
                                Mondays to Fridays (08:00 – 17:00)             Saturdays (08:00 – 14:00)                   Sundays (09:00 – 12:00)
 Airport Branch
 (24/7 operational office)
 Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport – Arrival Lounge
 Tel: 00961 1 629900 Fax: +961 1 629 799 Mobile: +961 3 629 900 (24hrs/7Days)
 Email:  airport@citycar.com.lb
 Operations & Reservations (WhatsApp Available)  Operations        00961 3 316 111
00961 3 888 782
00961 71 316 111
 Accident Follow-up  (Mobile: +961 3 316113)
 Sales – Leasing & Forum Coordinator  Sales  (Mobile: +961 3 316113)
 Accounting  jy@citycar.com.lb
 Customer Care  (customercare@citycar.com.lb) (Mobile : 00961 70 316 111)
 NB: Administration and accounting departments are not operate on holidays, Saturdays and Sundays

Thank you for renting from City Car Rent A Car, We hope to see you soon again.yes


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