Terms & Conditions


U.S. Dollars or Lebanese Pounds.


  • Driver must be 23 years old and above, a holder of a minimum (1) year valid Driving License (an International Driving License is required for foreigners in addition to the passport).
  • For additional driver an extra cost of USD 15$ per rental is applicable.
  • Drivers between 21 & 23 years old may rent with a $20 surcharge per rental, in condition that this driver is a holder of minimum (1) year valid driving license.
  • Booking must be in the principal driver’s name and he must be present upon car collection.
  • Every driver must present his passport, valid driving license, and his own credit card for deposit.


  • Different rates apply between low and high seasons as the following schedule:
  • High Season: Summer, Fitr Holiday, Adha Holiday, Christmas & New Year Holidays, Easter Holidays.
  • Low Season: All year long excluding summer and holidays.


  • War invasion, hold-up, and natural disasters are not covered by insurance.
  • Insurance only covers the vehicles within the Lebanese Territories. It is forbidden to drive the rental vehicle outside the Lebanese borders.
  • Insurance doesn’t cover accidents in case of Traffic Violations; the client will bear full responsibility of the accident.
  • Insurance does not cover the excess amount of 250$ for each airbag kit.
  • All risk insurance coverage with a deductible damage franchise per accident (CDW) up to the amounts mentioned in the below table according to the vehicle category. 15% from the car value will be charged in case of total loss or theft as mentioned below:
Category Description
Deductible in case of Accident
Category Description
Deductible in case of Accident
All Car Categories
15% of the car value according to the insurance policy
  •  The deductible amount will be charged for each accident separately even if more than one accident occurs during the same rental period.


  • Rates provided do not include VAT Tax, VAT Tax to be added on the total amount of the invoice.
  • Full payment must be paid in advance; an extended period must be paid in advance. Paid amounts are not refundable.
  • Reserved period will be charged in full even if the client drops-off the car before the agreed return date.
  • VAT Tax to be added on every extra charge that may occur during the rental (Accidents, Fuel, etc…).


  • Smoking is prohibited in all the vehicles. At car drop-off, in case cigarette ashes or fumes exist:
  • 100$ will be charged for categories: A1-A2-B1-B2-B3-C1-C2-D-I1-I2-J1-J2.
  • 150$ will be charged for categories: E-F1-F2-G-H1-H2-I3-I4-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R.
NB: the extras above do not include the cost of cigarette burns.
  •  All car rentals are subject to the full terms and conditions printed on City Car Rent A Car rental agreement and its supplements.


  • Insurance deposit for each vehicle must be done by credit card only (debit cards are not accepted as deposit, debit cards are accepted for payments only) according to the below:
  • $500: Category A1-A2-B1-B2-B3-I1-S.
  • $800: Category C1-C2-D-E-I2-I4-J1-J2-T.
  • $1,500: Category F1-F2-G-I3-K-L-M-Q-R.
  • $5,000: Category H1-H2-N-O-P1-P2 (2 kinds of Credit Card are requested).
  • Credit Card must be in the principal driver’s name, otherwise it will be rejected.


  • A limited mileage of 150 km per day applies on 1 or 2 rental days. In case of excess mileage, an amount will be added on every extra kilometer/mile according to the below rates:
  • Unlimited mileage for 3 rental days and above. For long term rental periods, special mileage conditions apply.
  • Minimum duration for any rental is 24hrs, each excess of this period will be automatically charged as a full day.
  • $0.20: Category A1-A2-B1-B2-B3-I1-S.
  • $0.30: Category C1-C2-D-E-I2-I4-J1-J2-T.
  • $0.60: Category F1-F2-G-I3-K-L-M-Q-R.
  • $0.80: Category H1-H2-N-O-P1-P2.
  • For chauffeur driven service, the rental period is calculated every day (10 continuous hours) and not every 24 hours with daily rate of 40$.


  • In Beirut Area:  Free collection and delivery at our main office during working hours.
  • At Beirut International Airport: 24Hrs/7Days operating desk in the arrival lounge for vehicle pick-up and drop-off with charge of 15$/rental even for one way service.
In order to avoid pick-up delays, we will deliver the vehicle in our airport branch in the car parking lot.
  • Vehicle Delivery:  for vehicle delivery outside City Car premises:
15$/way will be charged for delivery inside Beirut. 35$/way will be charged on Sundays and Holidays.
35$/way will be charged for delivery outside Beirut. 50$/way will be charged on Sundays and Holidays.
Vehicle delivery is only available from 09:00 till 17:00.
  • For rapid car pick-up, and in case the client would like to save time, he should send us clear scanned copies of the driver passport and driving license, in condition that the client will present the original documents upon arrival.
  • Fuel expenses for delivery of the vehicle will be the client’s responsibility. The fuel amount upon departure from City Car Rent A Car premises will be the amount considered and mentioned on the client’s contract.
  • These services are available upon availability.


  • VAT Tax (currently 10%. This amount is subject to change without prior notice).
  • Fuel: In case City Car will refuel the vehicle, an additional amount of 10% of the fuel cost will be charged as service fee. Fuel level upon departure from either main office or airport branch will be the considered level upon delivery of the vehicle to the client (inside or outside Beirut Area).
  • Traffic Fines: In case City Car will pay any traffic fine, an additional amount of 10$ will be charged as service fee. Traffic fines sometimes take more than one month to be notified to City Car, therefore, the client should be aware that he will be keeping at City Car a blank copy of his credit card (other than the deposit copy)  in order to settle any traffic fine if occurred on a vehicle while the client was hiring it. This procedure will include providing the proper supporting documents and notifying the client before charging any amount on his credit card.
  • Lost or damaged items in the vehicle or attached to the vehicle are not covered by insurance and will be the driver direct responsibility. (For example but not limited to: Baggage, Antenna, Mirrors, Tires, Car Key, Car Documents, Triangle, Extinguisher, etc…).
  • Lost or forgotten items in the vehicle are not the company’s responsibility.
  • The deductible amount in case of accident.
  • The deductible amount in case of total loss or theft.
  • Airport pick-up and/ or drop-off charge 15$/ Rental.
  • Damage repair cost due to accidents not covered by the insurance company (Natural Disasters, illegal driving…etc.)
  • Damages or breakdowns caused by negligence or misuse are not covered by the insurance policy and will be the driver responsibility.
  • Blown tires and vehicle interior are the driver’s responsibility and are not covered by the insurance policy.


  • For local reservations: reservations@citycar.com.lb or citycar@citycar.com.lb
  • For worldwide car rental reservations over 6,000 locations at competitive prices: worldwide@citycar.com.lb
  • Reservations can only be accepted by car groups and not by specific make or model.
  • City Car Rent A Car also provides similar cars not mentioned on website.
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice.


  • It is a special service based on renting cars up to 3 years period; therefore City Car Rent A Car created the long term rental department in order to handle your fleet on a high level of professionalism. This service is characterized by a fixed monthly rate that covers rental fee, registration, insurance, interest, full maintenance, vehicle replacement, fleet management and also with options to buy.

    Benefits of the Long term Rental service:

  1. City Car team will follow-up with you to always achieve 100% operation of your vehicle.
  2. Maintenance handling: garage appointments, routine checks, etc…
  3. Accidents follow-up and towing truck services.
  4. A replacement vehicle will always be provided to spare you the waste of time in case the rented vehicle needs maintenance or in case of accidents and breakdown.
  5. Reduced insurance deductible.


  • GPS is available for 10$/day.
  • Baby, child and infant Seat are available for 20$ per week (age must be specified).
  • Snow chains are available for 15$ per rental (maximum 15 days).
  • Busses are available upon request (From 9 pax to 50 pax).